About 2DaCore

Finding yourself through the process of pursuing a passion combined with enjoying life to the fullest while overcoming big hurdles eventually leads to one’s true inner self and that journey is what 2DaCore

is all about. She started dancing to Hip hop at the age of 9 and performed with choreographed groups which also included other styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Son and Contemporary dance. This was a great start for a young artist to feel the music with her body and express herself non-verbally while gaining experience and get to the essence of what touches people. She had the urge to not only express what she felt physically but to write down what’s inside of her in the form of lyrics. She went on to train her voice (classical, soul, rock, extreme vocals and rap) with various coaches and professionals who passed on that sense of the mission and work ethic that every young artist needs learn in order to start their career. Hard as it may be, she managed to gain a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and passed the federal exam as a pharmacist while raising a son as a single Mom. Fighting to exist with no support, she proved all her detractors wrong. She chose to focus more and more on singing and writing her lyrics and has consistently improved her skills. The spectrum of her songs cover taboo topics, heart wrenching life situations which touch you deeply together with her party songs that make you forget the world around you. There is something for every mood!

That’s what 2DaCore stands for.